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Welcome to our world, babe! We’re so glad you are here!  Our brand originated in 2021 in the garage of Lindsey Bryant, our founder and CEO, after many weeks of brainstorming ways for her to develop a passion project and creative outlet.  Lindsey has a Ph.D., works full time as a consulting engineer, and owns and operates a jiu-jitsu school with her husband.  She loves being on the jiu-jitsu mats and working out, and wanted a way to channel her creativity into something that would inspire women to be bold and unapologetically badass. 

There is something indescribably beautiful about a person feeling confident, and Lindsey set out to create that feeling with every Acid Drop design. These pieces are meant to be lived in while kicking ass: in the gym, as a mom, in school, at your job, in LIFE.  Female empowerment is the cornerstone of our brand, and it’s our mission to bring that fire and inspiration to you.